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Here are some photos of plants Klanky has in bloom right now!
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Addison Trail Phal. Addison Trail

A pretty yellow phalaenopsis from Hausermann orchids in Chicago.

This Bloom: 2/20/07 - 

Beginners Show x Frozen Smile Phal. Beginners Show x Frozen Smile

Hybridized by Clown Alley Orchids, we got this plant as a seedling at an orchid care class at Chicago Botanic Gardens

First Bloom: 2/18/07 - 

LC Gold Digger 'Fuchs Mandarin'

An orange laeliocattleya with a red-splashed lip, this is the first time it's bloomed for me.  I have numerous divisions of this plant

Previous Bloom: 4/20/04 - 5/22/04
Previous bloom: 2/14/05 - 3/15/05
Previous bloom: 7/12/05 - 8/19/05
Last bloom: 12/3/05 - 2/10/06
This Bloom: 2/26/07 - 

Fuchs mandarin

Cheetah Phal. Mystik Golden Leopard 'cheetah'

This orange-speckled yellow beauty has a wonderful tendency to form branched spikes (the one pictured has three forks)  Also is a very compact plant.

Previous Bloom: 4/1/04 - 7/27/04
Last bloom: 3/6/05 - 7/26/05!
This Bloom: 2/25/07 - 

Howard's Dream Bllra. Marfitch 'Howard's Dream'

Spectacular flower with beautiful patterns!

Last bloom: ~2/20/06 - 
This Bloom: 2/28/07 - 

Phrag. Sergeant Eric Phrag. Sergeant Eric

Beautiful big phragmipedium, sequential bloomer

This Bloom: 11/30/06 - 

Paph. Delenatii Paphiopedilum delenatii
(Princess x China Sea)

Cute little paph, white petals with a pinkish pouch -- supposedly with a raspberry scent!

Last Bloom: 5/10/05 - 6/25/05
This Bloom: 1/30/07 - 

Paphiopedalum Paph. Pulsar 'Red Top' x Paph. Candy Apple 'Ching Hua'

This attractive plant doesn't have the "swampy green" appearance of some paphs.

Previous Bloom: 3/12/04 - 5/28/04
Last Bloom: 12/31/04 - 3/31/05
This Bloom: 1/24/07 - 

Stuartiana Phal. Stuartiana
Another phal with a tendency to produce forked spikes, and it's a compact form.  If you don't have a lot of vertical space, this is the phal for you!

Previous Bloom: 3/25/04 - 5/18/04
Previous bloom: 2/15/05 - 3/30/05
Last bloom: 1/23/06 - 4/7/06
This Bloom: 1/15/07 - 

Matou Freed x Lucky Seven Phal. Matou Freed x Lucky Seven

A very attractive white and lavender phalaenopsis that has put up multiple simultaneous spikes!

Previous Bloom: 4/5/04 - 7/10/04
Previous bloom: 2/21/05 - 7/10/05(!)
Last bloom: 2/15/06 - 6/15/06
This Bloom: 1/27/07 - 

Phal. Golden Vintage Phal. Hausermann's Superior 'Chabaneau' x phal. Golden Vintage

A tall phal that has a tendency to produce keikis (baby plants) and new spikes off old ones!

Previous Bloom: 4/1/04 - 6/16/04
Previous Bloom: 4/1/05 - 7/30/05!
Last bloom (2003 Keiki): 1/23/06
Three plants -- All blooming 2/07

Sunspot Pot. Horu Gem 'Sunspot'

Very cheery little orchid with a prolific blooming habit. 

Previous Bloom: 8/16/04 - 9/30/04
Previous Bloom: 4/12/05 - 5/30/05
Previous Bloom: 11/30/05 - 1/25/06
Last Bloom: 4/10/06 - 5/30/06
This Bloom: 1/5/07 - 

Unknown Dendrobium Dend. ???

A dendrobium I've owned for many years, this was a keiki from a plant that died about 8 years ago.  Somehow I kept the poor thing alive and now it's blooming size!  Check out the attractive white sepal edge!

Last bloom: 4/1/06 - 6/25/06
This Bloom: 1/26/07 - 

Showgirl Cym. Showgirl 'Marstoltz'

A terrific performer, this cymbidium stays in bloom for several months with over 13 large flowers per spike!

I have many of these, so I don't keep individual bloom records.

Onc. Sharry Baby
'Sweet Fragrance'

One of the most popular oncidiums, this maroon-and-white variety produces dozens of flowers on each spike, and they smell like chocolate!

Previous bloom: 8/16/05 - 9/30/05
Last Bloom: 7/15/06
Several plants now, no records

Sharry Baby

Plants not in bloom
(But worth showing!)

Doritis pulcherrima alba

Beautiful, pure white flowers just keep coming on an ever-growing vertical spike!

Last Bloom: Spike appeared 7/3/04
Last Bloom: 9/15/04 - 1/15/05
This Bloom: 1/5/07 - 


Lady Snow x Black Gold #1 Milt. Lady Snow 'hatsushimo' x
Black Gold #1

Beautiful white miltonia with a splash of red in the center

Last Bloom: 12/1/06 - 2/5/07

Milt. 'Violetta' x 'Eureka' Milt. Milla Hull 'Violetta' x 
Meadowdale 'Eureka'

Bright red miltonia with a maroon-black center

Last Bloom: 12/1/06 - 2/2/07 

Dend. Velvet Melody

A beautiful dendrobium phalaenopsis that is doing very nicely in semi-hydroponic culture.  8 flowers on a single spike. Latest bloom has two spikes!

Previous Bloom: 9/15/04 - ~11/15/04
Previous bloom: 8/17/05 - 10/5/05
This Bloom: 7/28/06 - 

Sharry Baby

Unknown Phal Phal. ???

A phalaenopsis I bought from Home Depot, then found out there was no ID tag in the pot!  Oh well, it's a nice plant with smallish flowers on a virtually vertical spike!  

This bloom: 4/1/06 - 

Shady Lady Vuyl. Melissa Brianne 'Shady Lady' HCC/AOS

A striking intergeneric oncidium hybrid, this plant has a little fragrance as well!

Bought in bloom 2/05 - 3/18/05
This Bloom: 8/2/06 - 

Doritaenopsis (Tai Firebird x Tai Happy Beauty) x Carmela's Pixie

Looks like a phalaenopsis but is tiny!  Cross between phal & doritis.
Latest bloom from forked spike! 

Previous Bloom: ? - 9/20/04
Previous Bloom: 12/20/04-1/24/05
Last Bloom: 2/10/06 - 7/30/06


Black Eagle Dtps. Ever-Spring Prince
'Black Eagle'

Deep maroon flower with interesting texture!  Unbelievable bloom time!

This bloom: ~2/20/06 - 8/12/06

Slc. Our Joy

Picked up years ago, this plant has lost its ID tag but I know it's an Our Joy.  Very pretty cattleya hybrid, with a nice fragrance!

Previous bloom: 1/15/06 - 2/9/06
Last Bloom: 7/3/06 - 7/20/06

Fuchs mandarin

Golden Embers Phal. Brother Golden Embers

A buttery-yellow phalaenopsis with red lip streaks.  Good size.

Bought in bloom 2/05 - 3/20/05
This bloom: ~2/15/06 - 

C. Coerulea C. Valentine var. Coeruela

A light lavender cattleya with darker purple lip and yellow throat.  Also fragrant!

Previous bloom: 4/19/05 - 6/10/05
Previous bloom: 7/1/05 - 7/20/05
This Bloom: 4/15/06 - 

Newberry Parfait Dtps. Newberry Parfait
'Picotee' AM/AOS

Got this from Home Depot -- Nice branching infloresences 

Bought in bloom: 2/5/05 - 6/10/05
Last bloom: 1/23/06 - 4/10/06

Yukon Gold Cym. 'Yukon Gold'

Attractive, large gold cymbidium with maroon lip.

Previous Bloom 12/22/04 - ?
Last bloom: 2/5/06 - 3/10/06

Phrag. Hanne Popow
Cute little phragmipedium that blooms sequentially up its spike.  Each flower lasts about a week; it's had 4 so far this blooming period.

Last Bloom: 11/12/05 - 3/10/06

Little Caroline 'Chen' Phal. Ho's Little Caroline 'Chen'

Cute phalaenopsis with very small flowers on very branched spikes.  Tends to produce multiple spikes!

Bought in bloom 2/05

Phal Brother Lancer 'chen' Phal. Brother Lancer 'chen'

Interesting phalaenopsis, the two side petals don't lie flat!  This is a 'sport' of a normal plant, and the characteristic is known as 'peloric'.

Bloom in progress when bought
No longer with us (died of root rot it had when bought)

Blue Hawaii LC. Mem. Robert Strait 'Blue Hawaii'

Very fragrant white orchid with a stunning blue-purple lip

Phal. Hausermanns Treasure x equestria?

No longer with us, but it was a lavender beauty
Phalaenopsis hybrid

Pendentive C. Walkeriana var. alba 'Pendentive'

Nice little white cattleya

M. 'Pixie Treasure'

A cute little masdevallia that I picked up in Santa Barbara
Pixie Treasure

Blc. Eve Marie Barnett 'Magnificent Watermelon Gold'

A showy cattleya hybrid, the flower's lip is actually a bit more magenta than in this photo.  This plant also has a nice fragrance!

Last Bloom: 7/27/04 - 8/13/04

Magnificent Watermelon Gold

Milt. Rene Komoda 'Pacific Clouds'

Aptly named, this plant came with six white flowers that looked like puffs of cloud.  Rescued from Home Depot!

Last Bloom: ? - 7/8/04

Milt. Pink Puff 'Bridal Pink'

A nice, colorful miltonia that bloomed right after it arrived.  We'll see how it does in semi-hydroponic culture.

Last Bloom: 6/15/04 - 9/10/04

Paph. (Makuli-Curtisii) - Maudiae x Paph. Maudine "Napa Valley" HCC/AOC x sib

With a pedigree a mile long, this paph caught our eye at Home Depot!

Last bloom: ? - 1/20/05


Yellow Speckle Phal. Yellow Speckle
(Real name unknown)

This Yellow phal with orange speckles was picked up at the local Home Depot.  It had no tag, so I've given it an informal name

Bought in bloom 2/05 - 5/15/05

Den. Roy Tokunaga Den. Roy Tokunaga
(atroviolaceum x johnsoniae)

Nice little white dendrobium 

Received as gift in Bloom:
5/2/05 - 6/30/05

Why Not Ctna. Why Not 'Roundabout'

My first orchid of this type.  Really cheerful, bright color. 

Received as gift in Bloom:
5/2/05 - 5/20/05

Cym. Golden Elf 'Sundust'
Bright yellow Chinese cymbidium, I have two of these plants. Not as long duration in bloom as other cymbidiums, unfortunately!

Previous  bloom: 12/14/05 - 12/31/05
Last Bloom: 8/3/06 - 8/14/06


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